The new obsession



The mystique of Obsidian.

Offering luxury residences across 21 levels, Brisbane’s jewel in the sky is a dramatic interplay between architecture and an extraordinary natural wonder.

Inspired by architect Cottee Parker’s use of sharp curves, dark palette and reflective facade, Claire Skinner named the development Obsidian.

A dark volcanic glass formed as molten lava cools, Obsidian’s rich black lustre has intrigued for centuries. Prized by ancient cultures for its reflective surface, razor sharp curved edges and alluring aura, Obsidian’s mythical powers to protect and awaken have long been revered.

Naming the development Obsidian, Claire Skinner honoured the architectural form and amplified its allure.

Casting the mesmerising Morven MacSween as Obsidian’s enigmatic muse, Claire explored themes of reflection and self-perception with photographer Justin Ridler.

Campaign imagery was captured in camera with the experimental use of obsidian, mirrors and glass, complemented by FKD Studio’s 3D rendering and local photography by Toby Scott.

Paying homage to the location as Brisbane’s best-kept secret, Claire designed a ‘Little Black Book’ for residents to uncover the hidden pleasures of Milton.

Aligning the development’s qualities with those of Obsidian itself, Claire created a landmark address that defied convention.



Featuring: Morven MacSween (THE.mgmt), Photographer / Videographer: Justin Ridler, Styling: Emily Ward, Hair & Makeup: Belinda Zollo, Producer: Monica Clapcott, Hart & Co, 3D Rendering, Animation & Film Editing: FKD Studio, Location Photographer: Toby Scott, Aerial Photographer: HexFlix, Copywriting: Dennis Marchese, Printing: Gunn & Taylor, Paper: Spicers, PR & Social: Papermill Media, Folio Photography: Mark Lobo, Foliolio